6 reasons to travel to the greenest Italian region

If you are planning to spend a holiday immersed in nature, Abruzzo will be undoubtedly your next destination!

There you have 6 good reasons to type “Abruzzo” on your internet browser.

  1. Choose Abruzzo means traveling to the most protected region of Italy, which offers 3 national parks, 1 regional park and 37 natural reserves.
    Our people don’t have just a “green thumb”, they have a “green hand”!
  2. Going to the mountain in the morning and to the beach in the afternoon. Teleportation? No, it’s not science fiction, it’s Abruzzo.
    Relaxing atmospheres, stunning views, fascinating mountain and coastal paths that you can enjoy within the same day.
    Thanks to its particular geographical conformation, where the highest peaks of the Apennine directly face the sea, in Abruzzo it is possible to walk on hiking trails as high as 9.842 ft and then shortly reach the Adriatic coastline.
    Once on the beach, you can relax your legs enjoying a generous sun, a fresh drink and our blue flag beaches.
    Beach or mountain holiday?
    Why choose when I can get both?
  3. When in Abruzzo, eat as our people eat. History and popular tradition are the basic ingredients of our cuisine.
    A land of fishers, farmers and breeders, whose recipes are the faithful representation of their culture and identity.
    The special features of our dishes are tales to taste morsel by morsel.
    Meats, fishes, cold cuts, cheeses, truffles, sweets and local wines, trace a wine and food path that goes through centuries of history and timeless cookbooks
  4. Art, culture, spirituality. Not only mountains to sea or wine and food trails, in Abruzzo there are paths that lead us elsewhere, towards extraordinary places that keep an enormous heritage of art and culture.
    Churches, hermitages, abbeys, basilicas, castles and monasteries, a set and a relevant variety of architectural styles, priceless treasures and masterpieces that are waiting to be discovered.
  5. Sport and nature in their broadest sense: “a sound mind in a sound body … in a sound environment”.
    Mountain biking, skiing, paragliding, pony trekking, snorkeling, climbing, via ferrata, hiking and outdoor activities.
    If you think it is too much, we suggest an easy fishing trip. Sea, rivers and lakes: Do you have any preference?
    Although fishing is not the same as paragliding, it represents a good meditative activity.
  6. Extraordinary hospitality you can’t imagine! The added value of this land.
    Our people are as they stand, proud of their heritage, a specific feature that highlight their authenticity, frankness and veracity.
    They perfectly reflect the genuineness of their land without small talk.
    The people of Abruzzo are unspoiled just like the natural environment that surrounds them.