Nature is a Misunderstood Genius

Within a 30 minutes drive from our residence there is an ever-changing chameleonic masterpiece entitled “Atri Badlands” created by nature.

Atri, also known as “civitas vetusta”, is not only an ancient city in the province of Teramo but is also an eye witness of one of the most bizarre and impressive secular erosion processes nature has ever offered.

Badlands, as these majestic natural architectures are defined, are the result of soil erosion due to the run-off on damaged clay rocks.

Beyond its geomorphologic definition, what characterizes badlands is their impressive aspect.

Not surprisingly Atri Badlands, which are considered a natural reserve since 1995, are better known as “dantesque bedlams” or “devil’s scratches”, metaphoric images that just in part portray the idea of their terrifying aspect.

The European Community, which had already identified a Site of Community Importance (SCI), established in 1999 the ” WWF Oasis of Atri Badlands” with the aim to preserve the more than 600 hectares of nature, flora and fauna.

The Reserve, in which there is a Living Planet Centre, organizes afternoon walks with qualified guides to enjoy and discover the beauty and the secret of the Badlands.

Furthermore, every year the WWF Oasis organizes the “Oasis Fest”, a special occasion for both children and adults where it is possible to take part to a didactic laboratories, guided walks, reintroduction of animals in their habitat and tastings of typical products.

Anyway, what makes this reserve a unique and unusual natural attraction is a particular event dedicated to it: “the Moon and the Badlands”.

This extraordinary event consists of visiting badlands at night, during the moonlight. The nocturnal light and atmosphere give to landscape a lunar aspect. A stunning and thrilling view that year by year is getting extremely popular among tourists and local people.