in Mosciano Sant’Angelo there’s a hill that observes the faces of the Moon

Colle Leone is not a simple hill. It’s a special hill, a magical place which has been made extraordinary by an outstanding person.

Fausto Marini, astrophile, creative, science and nature artist, who sadly passed away few years ago, chose Colle Leone to allow people to study the Moon, the stars, the depth of the sky and the mysteries of the Universe.

Fausto Marini, known as the ”Man of the Moon”, as the people of Mosciano Sant’Angelo and friends used to call him, decided at the beginning of the ‘80s to build on this hill, focusing on every single brick, an astronomy observatory and then a Planetarium.

Today the Colle Leone Observatory, thanks to the passion and experience of its staff gained in more than 30 years of activity in the fields of astronomy and science, is visited by thousands of visitors and tourists.

A constant flow of astrophiles, fanatics, or simple visitors that, thanks to Fausto Marini’s commitment and passion for stars, has created a real phenomenon of astronomic tourism.

Astronomy and Natural Sciences are characterized by a particular precision which turn them into a “compelling cultural entertainment” that has been adapted and diversified by the trained staff, according to the different types of tourism.

A stable service of guided tours, thematic events and a program always full of initiatives, offer to tourists unique and evocative experiences which have a strong emotional impact.
Awesomeness and substance, cultural entertainment and discovery, wonder and amazement: this is what Colle Leone Observatory proposes.

Furthermore, the staff’s management and attention make it possible to organize private events, that is to say the opportunity to experience astronomical evenings dedicated exclusively to business and tourism.

An original and particular way to enjoy an unforgettable evening among stars and planets. A unique and fantastic experience or, as the staff of the Observatory suggests, “something to talk about for years to come”.