In June, the ideal holiday has the taste of Abruzzo.

Colleveroni, with a minimum stay of 5 days, gives you a 15% discount and a tasting dinner to discover the traditional flavors of the greenest region of Europe. 20% discount + tasting dinner for a minimum stay of 10 days.

There are different ways to visit and learn about a country, a region, a territory.

It can trace its history through its monuments, its churches, squares and museums, but if you want to know more, you have to sit at the table and immerse yourself in its flavors.

The Colleveroni’s menu is pleased to offer you a “journey within a journey”, a gastronomic journey that, from appetizer to dessert, offers some of the typical dishes of the Abruzzo region.


  • mixed salami and cheese from Campotosto (Aq)
  • vegetables in batter
  • “morsels” of mozzarella with tomato from the garden
  • anchovies in oil on a nest of marinated courgettes


  • ricotta ravioli with mushroom sauce
  • “chitarra” with meat sauce and meatballs


  • Homemade chicken cooked in a wood oven with potatoes and peppers
  • Arrosticini with baked vegetables
  • Sliced ​​beef with rocket and cherry tomatoes


  • a mixed vegetable salad


  • -Traditional sweet pizza and seasonal fruit


  • wine of the selected territory (1 bottle every 4 people)
  • water
  • coffee and digestives


Let us suggest the choice of the “second” course, we can only point out the “arrosticini” or, in the vernacular, the famous “rustelle”.

Roasting is not a second dish by definition, as it escapes from any label or explanation.

La rustella is a “trastullo, a whimper, a leisure of the palate but anyway, in its simplicity, contains decades of history and ancient tradition.

The roasted meat is a skewer of sheep cooked on the grill (on the special “fornacella”) usually accompanied by a oiled bruschetta with extra “virgin” olive oil.

For lovers of meat and strong flavors , this is an invitation that have to be insistent, because, once tasted , you will be able to say ” is enough”.

But a holiday in Colleveroni does not want to be just a tasteful occasion.

The minimum stay of 5 days has a very specific reason that not only includes the pleasure of the table and the palate, but of all the senses.

5 days for 5 senses. Every day dedicated is a sense.

The first thing you will discover is the panorama. Suspended between the sea and the mountain, where the shades of a ruby ​​sunset have a therapeutic effect on sight, but also for mood. Recommended sunset meditation with a “prosecco” by the pool.

On the second day your hearing will notice a particular, different sound, unique in its extraordinary harmony. It is the sound of silence that wraps the hill. To find peace again, just listen it, without ever answering it.

Third day. Three days are always enough to realize that nature is not only what surrounds us, but nature is all that we can touch, experiencing and taste. Nature is not just a landscape to contemplate, animal in the farm and the vegetable garden with fruit trees are at your disposal. Avoiding waste you can freely collect the fruits of the earth and enjoy them in your apartment or in the garden in the shade of the two large gazebos near the pool.

The fourth day is dedicated to perfumes, smells, good air.

Forget traffic, smog and breathless. The air of Colleveroni is breathed slowly with full lungs, deep, long, intense breaths, and the sensationis that you will feel , itwill not be to breathe air, but pure wellness.

And here we are on the fifth day. The day of our dinner invitation. The best way to conclude, but also to continue, your holiday in Abruzzo.

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