Abruzzo. The region with a Thousand Faces.

Abruzzo is the only region in Italy that allows you to leave from the beach and reach 9800 feet in a few kilometres.

Colle Veroni is perfectly nestled between the sea and the mountains, in a strategic location that allows you to reach in a short time both the shores of the Adriatic sea and the top of the Gran Sasso, the highest peak of the Apennine range.

Within a short drive from the residence it is possible to reach then the most popular tourist destinations of historical, artistic and naturalistic interest or the city of Pescara, the regional “capital of fun and nightlife” .  

Furthermore, for sport fans it is possible to practice mountain biking, climbing, trekking on horseback and paragliding.


Colle Veroni is a place where you can rest and enjoy fresh air, about 40 km from magnificent peaks of Gran Sasso and just 10 km from the “Spiaggia d’Oro” (Golden Beach) of Giulianova, famous for its beaches, spacious and perfectly organized with bathing facilities, particularly suitable for children and families, thanks to the big spaces to practice sports.
The church of the village is definitely worth a visit. The parish church of St. Michael the Archangel is an old building that dates back to about 1200. Probably built on the ruins of a pagan temple that has undergone transformations over the centuries. Inside the church you can admire a painting that depicts the Regina Mundi, b Francesco Patella (a famous painter who was born and lived in Mosciano between 1800 and 1900), and a large canvas dedicated to St. Alexander (work of the painter Franco Tomarelli from Teramo).
At a few hundred meters there is an astronomical observatory that allows tourists to spend pleasant evenings dedicated to scan the sky and deepen their knowledge of stars and planets . The planetarium is equipped with cutting-edge tools, this is a destination for scholars from all over the world , especially on the occasion of extraordinary celestial phenomena, who here have the opportunity to enrich their culture on the stars.
At sunset, the horizon is tinted with striking colors, from bright red to pink, creating a breathtaking spectacle with the peaks of the Apennines that stand out in the distance.