Enjoy an unspoiled haven of peace

Our garden, which sweetly caresses the slight slope of the hill, is an exclusive space where you can soak up a totally relaxing atmosphere. The spectacular sunsets beyond the mountain are accompanied by the smells and silence of nature and the colours of our landscape. A thrilling spectacle that you can admire lying in the meadow, on a sun bed by the pool or enjoying a drink sitting soothed by the pool water. An extraordinary haven of peace enriched with the beauty of the plants, the flowering slopes and the shadow of the secular olive trees.


A modern swimming pool cozy and perfectly compliant with safety norms is there to offer our guests refreshment and relaxation. The pool area also features outdoors sitting areas, sun beds and chairs on the lawn or in the shade of the gazebo.
The countryside surrounding Residence Colle Veroni offers a wide variety of colors and flavors: ripe wheat fields are golden yellow, the leaves of the olive trees hit by the sun create shades of green and silver, while the colorful aligned vineyards, heavy with grapes release irresistible scents…

Among the most interesting sights in this beautiful corner of Abruzzo you cannot miss the blossoming season of the ancient olive trees, in mid-April: olive trees are an important element of the landscape and yield a renowned production of olive oil appreciated for its taste and fragrance.